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  • An Interview with Shahram Karami, Director of ‘Who Killed Sohrab?’

    Play Starts with Death, Ends with Hope

    Iran Theater: ‘Who Killed Sohrab?’ is about death, awareness about death, thinking about death and dealing with the death of a close relative, which can be sudden. Death has always been a concern of man.

    Shahram Karami is a noted director of theater who has written more than 20 plays. He is member of Shaya Theater Group. He has written and directed plays such as ‘Darchenar’ and ‘Paper House’.

    ‘Who Killed Sohrab?’ is inspired by the story of Rostam and Shohrab in great Persian poet Abolqasem Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh. It is a story of a father who blames himself for the death of his son. Death is the main theme of the play. Writer tries to picture conflict with death in their characters.

    Bahram Shahmohammadlou, Roya Afshar, Farid Qobadi, Soroush Taheri, Hossein Pourkarimi and Abban Hosseinaadi play in ‘Who Killed Sohrab?’. It has performance every day except for Saturdays AT Qashqaei Hall of the City Theater Complex at 19:00.

    Shahram Karami tells more about ‘Who Killed Sohrab?’.


    Many masterpieces have made on the theme of feeling sin by a mother or father against the death of a child throughout the history of cinema, literature and dramatic arts. How much attractive is the theme for you?

    It is the theme I have been pursuing in the play. It is the issue of death and awareness of death. The death that a person thinks he/she has played role in its occurrence. It turns into a burden on the soul. There is no escape from death and humans try to forget it. But we should admit that death is an inalienable part of the life. I tried to put life against the death of one of the members of a family of four. Death is not always the end, life goes on beside it.

    Does ‘Who Killed Sohrab?’ have some side themes besides the main theme?

    Yes, some side themes are pictured. Themes, which stand against death, include love, faith and wisdom and are pictured in the characters. Psychologists is the symbol of wisdom and thinking who challenges people to accept death.

    It seems the psychologist fails to have positive influences on the father of the family?

    Yes, he is not successful. But he makes father to think. Faith is also reflected in an old man in the park. A father who has caused the death of his son intentionally but he knows he is done it because of his responsibility to faith. But he feels bad.  

    Other theme is love, which is reflected in the relationship of the daughter of the family to the man she loves and also behavior of the mother of the family. What stands against death is the unending hope of mankind. The play starts with death and ends with hope.   

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