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  • Hamid Reza Azarang:

    'Hoteliha' to Be Staged by March

    Hamid Reza Azarang will perform 'Hoteliha' again by March.

    Hamid Reza Azarang will direct 'Hoteliha', which is written by Sanaz Bayan after its successful performance at the 34th International Fadjr Theater Festival.

    Audience welcomed the public performance of the play at Paliz Theater Complex, Iran Theater reported.

    Hamid Reza Azarang, noted director and actor, told Iran Theater that rehearsals to perform the piece again would begin in a while. The play would be performed by March again, he added.

    About the change in the cast, Mr Azarang said that all actors of previous performance had so far expressed readiness to star in the play.

    'Hoteliha' is among a few plays, which are directed by Mr Azarang and is not written by him. It has social theme and is about human relationships.

    'Hoteliha' will be performed at Paliz Theater Complex. Nasim Adabi, Mona Farjad, Sam Kaboudvand, Ayeh Kianpour, Setayesh Mahmoudi, Anahita Hemmati and Hamid Reza Azarang play in the piece.

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