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  • Mahnaz Afshar Joins Navid Mohammadzadeh & Saeed Changizian in 'Oliver Twist'

    Hossein Parsaei to Direct Piece

    Mahnaz Afshar, renowned cinema actress, has joined musical play 'Oliver Twist'.

    Navid Mohammadzadeh and Saeed Changizian had earlier announced they would play in the musical show, which would be directed by Hossein Parsaei, Iran Theater reported.

    Mahnaz Afshar will play the leading woman character of the piece, Nancy, who is a member of Fagin's gang and the lover, and eventual victim, of Bill Sikes

    Hossein Parsaei's adaptation of 'Oliver Twist', the second novel of the English author Charles Dickens, is produced by Harire Honar-e Shargh Institute. The piece will be performed at Vahdat Hall late November or early December.

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