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  • At Qotbeddin Sadeghi Academy

    Shanou Theater Complex to Open on October 12

    Shanou Theater Complex will open at Qotbeddin Sadeghi Academy on October 12 with 100 seats.

    The theater is equipped with advanced lighting, sound and set facilities with three rooms for rehearsals and a café.  

    Shanou Theater Complex is aimed not only to host shows but also a focal point for cultural, artistic, acting and direction education, Iran Theater reported.  

    The opening ceremony will include speeches by renowned actor Jamshid Mashayekhi, noted theater professor, director and actor Qotbeddin Sadeghi, deputy culture minister for artistic affairs, Ali Moradkhani, director general of Dramatic Arts Center Mahdi Shafiee as well as music by Hana Kamkar, performance by Mohsen Hosseini, Kurdish dance by Asou Naderi and a play (I), which is directed by Farhad Tajvidi.

    Media people and artists will attend the opening ceremony and Kourosh Soleimani, theater and television actor, will be presenter of the ceremony.

    The complex is located in Tehran's Vesale Shirazi Street.

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