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  • Fazel Ebadi, Head of Children and Youth Theater Festival

    Hamedan Aims to Turn into a Cultural and Artistic Center for Children and Youth

    Maryam Kazemi, secretary of 24th Children and Youth Theater Festival, discussed with Hamedan director general of Culture and Islamic Guidance Department and director general of Education Department to coordinate on holding the festival and its student section.

    The meeting was held on October 10 in the western city in which Fazel Ebadi, head of the festival and director general of Culture and Islamic Guidance Department said that the government targeted organizing more cultural and artistic events for children because priority was given to training and educating them.

    He said that Hamedan was aimed at turning a center for cultural and artistic activities targeting children and adolescent, adding that some of plans of the department included visualizing the verses of holy Quran, Children and Youth International Cinema Festival as well as a specialized exhibition.

    Mr Ebadi explained that the plays of the festival would have a morning performance for schoolchildren as it had been in the previous editions.

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