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  • Masoud Delkhah, Actor of ‘The Scent of a Dream’:

    Man Always Seeks Peace

    Iran Theater: After the end of WWI, writers such as German author and playwright Wolfgang Borchert and Austrian playwright Carl Mayer as well as artists such as film director of the German silent cinema Robert Wiene made expressionist products, depicting dark environment, loneliness, doubt and fear of the contemporary human who was tired of war.

    A Separate Peace’ by Czech-born British playwright and screenwriter Tom Stoppard is a sly, gentle dig at society's conventions and preconceptions. John Brown, a veteran soldier, arrives at a country nursing home with a case of money expecting hotel-style service. He wants to escape illusions of war and its ramification and seeks peace at the nursing home. But he faces conspiracies and doubts there instead.

    Masoud Delkhah plays the role of John Brown in ‘The Scent of a Dream’, which is directed by Sohrab Salimi. ‘The Scent of a Dream’ is an adaptation of ‘A Separate Peace’ by Iranian playwright Mohammad Charmshir.

    Masoud Delkhah plays the role of John Brown elegantly, understanding the doubts and mental wounds of John Brown well. ‘The Scent of a Dream’ is a psychological drama.

    Delkhah who is an acclaimed director has played successfully in many pieces such as ‘Closed Circuit’ by Dr Mohammad Reza Khaki, ‘Arkhash and Khanomcheh’, ‘Faust’ and ‘Déjà vu’.

    The cast of ‘The Scent of a Dream’ include Masoud Delkhah, Qasem Zare; and Shohreh Lorestani.

    ‘The Scent of a Dream’ has performance every day except for Saturdays at Qashqaei Hall of the City Theater Complex.

    Hamideh Samadi is assistant director, Javad Roshan planning manager, Reza Mehdizadeh set designer, Edna Zeinalian costume designer, Abouzar Azizi photographer and trailer, Maryam Shariati online advertisement, advisor of the director for public relations affairs Namayeshkahne website and Ehsan Hajipour and Ebrahim Esbati music.  

    Masoud Delkhah talks more about the play.


    Why have you accepted to play in ‘The Scent of a Dream’?

    I am picky and sensitive when it comes to acting in a play. I regard myself more a director than an actor. But I play roles when I have good acting proposals. My friendship with Sohrab Salimi (the director) dates back to 1970s at the university. We worked together after the university under the direction of the late Iranian theater director Rokneddin Khosrawi later. There are the main reasons why I accepted to play at the piece. On the other hand, Mohammad Charmshir’s adaptation of Tom Stoppard’s play is new. Collaboration with Sohrab Salimi is attractive. He gives lots of space to the cast. I could express my views about the generality of the play. I made many suggestions during rehearsals that Sohrab Salimi welcomed them happily and this helped me to have an accomplished acting because I play the main role.


    What is the main theme of Tom Stoppard’s play?

    Stoppard wrote the play when he was young. ‘A Separate Peace’ rose him to fame. Its main theme is that man is always seeking peace.  

    Is it a peace that human does not grab it?

    No. The play does not focus on war and human has always been in the search of peace. The world is not a safe place for John Brown.

    Given that John Brown is a painter and a poet, could we say that he is a philosopher too?

    Definitely he is an artist. He is an artist who has served in the army for years. He is a sensitive soul. His character looks like that of Hamlet.

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