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    Arghanoun Theater Complex Opens Again

    Arghanoun Theater Complex opened on November 11 with two new plays ‘Meteorite’ and ‘Good Sleep Sleep’.

    Public relations of the complex said that the facelift of the complex was over and the complex opened with two new pieces on Saturday, Iran Theater reported.

    ‘Good Sleep Sleep’, which is written and directed by Salim Bashokouh, had undergone the closing days of the rehearsals and would have performance at the complex every day except for Saturday at 18:30.

    The 60-minute play depicts Cain and Abel as one of the most important stories of mankind. It pictures how alive the story is today’s lives of humans.

    Maedeh Qadiri, Kianoush Khanmohammadi, Narges Hezareh, Nima Zaker, Mohammad Tayefeh and Elena Aahi play in the piece.  

    ‘Meteorite’ is directed by Mahdi Gotmiri and will have performance in number two hall of Arghanoun Theater Complex.

    Armin Eftekharzadeh, Elaheh Sa’dian, Mahdi Gotmiri, Pouyan Hemmati, Maryam Fathi, Alireza Mirza Mohammadali, Hadi Talebi, Paria Biglari, Mahdi Bonyadi, Iman Amouei, Houman Latifian, Seyyed Ali Gotmiri, Amir Mirzadeh, Omid Ahmadi, Farshad Nasiri are the cast.

    Arghanoun Theater Complex will have a play writing event in late November to identify young talents. 

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