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  • UNIDRAM, 24th International Theatre Festival

    ‘Agha Mohammad Khan’ Onstage in Germany

    ‘Agha Mohammad Khan’, which is directed by Navid Memar, took part at the 24th International Festival of UNIDRAM in Postdam, Germany.

    ‘Agha Mohammad Khan’ is performed by Amata Theater Group in UNIDRAM, a festival aimed at creating a social space shaped by a climate of openness and discussion, as well as an appreciative and critical exchange. UNIDRAMcelebrated its 24rd edition over five days with 12 productions from eight countries, including five German premieres.

    Memar, a graduate of Fine Arts Pardis of Tehran University, said that ‘Agha Mohammad Khan’ was invited to perform at the Unidram festival, which took place on October 31 to November 4, in Postdam, Germany.

    He added that the festival was organized by T-Werk company with a theme of visual theater and creativity in performance and music.

    Memar explained that ‘Agha Mohammad Khan’ was performed in Iran university festival in May as well as in Zlomvaz festival in Czech Republic and in the US.  

    About his team, Memar said that Amir Hossein Bagherian, Ali Davoudi, Niloufar Shayani and Niloufar Lari play in ‘Agha Mohammad Khan’ and other members include Arman Moghaddam video designer, Kian Hossein sound designer, Ali Davoudi sey designer and Melika Bokaei make-up artist.

    The second play by the group, he said, was ‘Joshaghan’, which would be performed at Rouberou Mansion from December 14 to December 25.

    The team is working on two new performance ‘Baby Formula’ and ‘Sakurajima’.

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