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  • Hamid Ebrahimi, Jury Member of Red Tulip Theater Festival

    Festival's Plays Acceptable

    Iran Theater: Hamid Ebrahimi, theater, cinema and television actor, director and author, has a career spanning more than two decades in theater. He has written four plays.

    Iran Theater has conducted an interview with Ebrahimi about Red Tulip Theater Festival.

    The 23rd Red Tulip Theater Festival in Andimeshk in southeastern province of Khuzestan opened on November 27 in the city. The festival, which closed on December 1, is a commemoration to 75 civilians, who martyred in Andimeshk on November 25, 1986 during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), known in the country as sacred defense.

    Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ordered the bombardment of the civilian targets in the city on November 25, 1986 for about 1.45 minutes with 52 warplanes. 75 civilians were martyred.


    How do you evaluate the quality of competitors of festival?

    I have taken part in many theater festivals as actor, director or jury member. Each festival has its weak and strong points. The important point is that theater has no fixed budget in the country's annual budget. This has created numerous woes for theater in the country. Any festival, which is held in the country, should thank its secretary and organizers because they try to have budget through other sources…The quality of Red Tulip Festival has been good and acceptable this year. I have seen some quality works over the past few days. I think I should still learn and I have been learning from young talents a lot.


    How do you see the level of street shows?

    A point for street shows is that the directors do not respect the rules of standard street theater. These streets shows can be performed on stage too and they are away from the rules of street theater. Street theater uses outdoor elements and its most important aspect is protest. I hope the youth takes these aspects into account.


    How do you evaluate enthusiasm of the audience?

    The experience has shown that the people of other cities welcome festivals. Many plays go on stage in cities and people like to watch them although they do not usually welcome plays on stage throughout the year. Its reason must be assessed.

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