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  • Somayeh Monajjem, Director of Children Section of International Theater Festival of Children and Youth

    Revival of Classical Iranian Stories for Today's Children

    'Who's the Strongest?' directed by Somayeh Monajjem, has adapted the story of 'Stone Carver Man' to make today's children with Iran's classical tales and myths, Iran Theater reported.

    'Who's the Strongest?' is taking part at the 24th International Theater Festival of Children and Youth, which opened on December 1 in the western city of Hamedan.

    Somayeh Monajjem has taken part in the festival from the northern city of Lahijan. Monajjem said that she staged the play because classical and ancient Iranian tales had always been attractive and pleasant to me.

    She added that one of her objectives was to revive the ancient stories for today's children because they could give lots of lessons to children and have positive influence on them.

    On designing puppets and puppetry, Monajjem said that characters (puppets) of the play had been designs with motifs of Persian kelims and their puppetry was different too.

    On why she had designed her characters with Persian kelims's designs, Monajjem said that her generation and her had many memories of these motifs when they had been kids and made stories with these designs.

    Children can see 'Who's the Strongest?' with their parents because they are familiar with it, she explained.

    The 24th International Theater Festival of Children and Youth opened on December 1. It will run until December 6 in the western city of Hamedan. Maryam Kazemi is the secretary.

    The closing ceremony will be on Wednesday in which two children theater artists Ehteram Boroumand and Abbas Doustqarin.

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