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  • Rouzbeh Hosseini to Iran Theater:

    'Sim and Sormeh' in Fadjr International Theater Festival

    Rouzbeh Hosseini, playwright and theater director said that his latest play - 'Sim and Sormeh' – would open at the 36th Fadjr International Theater Festival.

    Rouzbeh Hosseini told Iran Theater that his group was rehearsing to perform 'Sim and Sormeh' at Da Theater Complex but time of the performance had changed.

    The director said that the play would open at the 36th Fadjr International Theater Festival on January 21 and January 22. The play would have public performance after the festival, he added.

    In addition to four performance in the festival, Hossein said, the group had decided to have exclusive performance for theater artists and critics to have their thoughts about the play.

    'Sim and Sormeh' was set to open at Da Theater Complex on Monday, January 9 but the performance was delayed to February.

    Sima Shokri and Maysam Ghanizadeh will star in the play.

    Other members of the crew include Arash Fasih execution of the plan, Rahman Hosseini production director, Saba Azadi planner, Fatemeh Norouzi, Mo'ein Ghavi and Ali Afshari direction group, music and vocalist Aida Rouzbehaneh, guitar and electronic player and vocalist Ra