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  • Director at Mehr-e Kashan Theater Festival:

    Beyzai's 'The Feast' Pictures Today's Society

    Director of play reading performance of 'The Feast' said that the play pictures today's society although it had written half a century ago.

    Mohsen Khosrawi, director of the play at the 13th Mehr-e Kashan Theater Festival, said that 'The Feast' was a single-act play on social problems, which was written by renowned Iranian playwright Bahram Beyzai 50 years ago to show the responsibility and role of the leaders of the society.

    "Although it was written half a century ago, it fits today's society," the director said.

    'The Feast' tells the story of a shepherd who faces conflics with himself. To resolve his problems, he will choose new path, which neither solve it but increase them.   

    Bahram Beyzai had written the play in the city of Kashan in 1967.  It was published the same year in Payame Novin magazine with another play 'The Heritage'.

    Beyzai is Iran's most noted playwright. He is a noted theater and cinema director and researcher too. Beyzai left Iran in 2010 and is teaching at Stanford University.

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