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  • Jalil Farjad to Iran Theater:

    A Grandson of Nader Shah in 'Mir Mahenna'

    Iran Theater: Jalil Farjad is a veteran cinema, theater and television actor. He has starred in 'Toth's Family', 'Khatoun' and 'Nightmare of the Night of Half of Azar'.

    Farjad holds a bachelor's degree in theater direction from Dramatic Arts Faculty and a master's degree in direction from Islamic Azad's Art and Architecture Faculty.

    He starred in 'Predicament', a play which was written and directed by Farhad Majdabadi. He produced 'The Night of Punishment'. He played in 'Two Shies', which was directed by Loghman Naziri, 'Birds of a Feather Flock Together', which was directed by Hossein Atefi, 'Cheating Servant', which was directed by Ebadollah Karimi and 'Hallaj and the Kings', written and directed by Dr Nasr.

    Farjad told Iran Theater that he was rehearsing in 'Mir Mahenna' in theater venues such as Howzeh Honari and Sarv Theater Complex, adding that Cyrus Kahourinejad.

    He added that the play was set to be staged at Sarv Theater Complex in February, explaining that Mir Mahenna was a brave fighter in southern Iran in Rigi Port about 200 years ago.

    Farjad said that he was playing the role of grandson of Nader Shah (August 1688-June 1747) who was one of the most powerful Iranian rulers in the history of the nation. He was Iran's ruler from 1736 to 1747 when he was assassinated during a rebellion.

    The actor said that the play would tell the story of Nader Shah when he had not been as powerful as before and blind.

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