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  • At Arasbaran Cultural Complex

    Culture Minister Sees 'Guardian Angel'

    Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Seyyed Abbas Salehi saw 'Guardian Angel', which is written by late Czech playwright Vaclav Havel, at Arasbaran Cultural Complex on Thursday.

    The minister watched the show, which is directed by Sadegh Vafaei, with his family in a bid to support young and independent theater groups, Iran Theater reported.

    Salehi wished success for the troupe after the play.

    The late politician and former president of Czech Republic wrote the play in 1968. A mysterious stranger barges at the door of a writer. As the story goes, the writer understands that the sinister man knows all details of his life.

    'Guardian Angel' is translated by Reza Mirchi in Farsi.  Vafaei had previously directed Havel’s 'Audience' and 'Leaving' in Tehran.

    'Guardian Angel' will have performance until Tuesday.

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