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  • Aran Theater Group at Ferdowsi Theater Hall

    Macbeth Puppet Opera Opens

    Macbeth Puppet Opera, the fourth of a series of puppetry directed by Behrouz Gharibpour and performed by Aran Theater Group, opened at Ferdowsi Theater Hall at 19:00 on Monday.

    Macbeth is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare about history of Scotland, Iran Theater reported.

    Mabeth is a brave Scottish general who receives a prophecy from three witches that he will be King of Scotland one day. Macbeth kills King Duncan of Scotland to take the throne due to ambition. But he will become devastated with guilt and paranoia, committing more murderers to protect himself. Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth will fall into madness and death following the bloodbath and civil war.

    Music of Macbeth Puppet Opera is by great Italian opera composer of 19th century Giuseppe Verdi.

    Vocalists of the opera are Macbeth: Giuseppe Tadei, Banquo: Giovanni Foiani and Lady Macbeth: Brigit Nelson.

    The opera has performances in Iran and Italy in the past, receiving the best set design award of Theatre Critics Society of Iran.

    Puppet performers are Maryam Eghbali, Ali Pakdast, Ali Abolkheirian, Marjan Ahmadi, Marziyeh Sarmashghi, Nasim Amirkhosrow, Elham Abedi, Honey Hosseini, Sarah Eghbal, Marziyeh Naderi, Sahar Kazemi, Maryam Rahmani, Mehrnoush Sadeghian, Samin Javadzadeh Zahedani, Roya Almasi Mehr, Sadaf Bigdeli, Sahel Safa, Mehrnoush Khaleghi, Elham Vafaei and Zeynab Ashrafzadeh

    Assistan directors are Ali Pakdast, Maryam Eghbali, Ali Abolkheirian, Ghasem Rahmati with special thanks to Hengameh Sazesh, puppet makers: Maryam Eghbali, Ali Pakdast, Ali Abolkheirian, Mohsen Imankhani, Salma Mohseni, Homayoun Salahi, Camelia Nouhi, Mona Kianifar, puppet designers: Ali Pakdast costume designer: Maryam Moeini, lighting: Amir Mohammadi, poster, brochure and advertisement designer: Irin Gharibpour, photographer: Ehsan Neghabat, financial and international affairs director: Solmaz Fatehi Khameneh, public relations director: Honey Hosseini, media relations director: Zeynab Lack.  

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