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  • Alireza Hanifi, Actor of ‘18’

    Was It What’s Supposed to Be Life?

    Iran Theater: ‘18’, which is written by Mohsen Azimi and directed by Masoud Torabi, is being performed at Entezami Hall of Iran Artists Forum.

    Iran Theater has conducted an interview with Alireza Hanifi, the guest actor of the show.  

    Hanifi started his theater career after starting education at Honar Art College. He studied visual arts, music and other art fields, staring his acting in ‘A Dog in Kharmanja’, which is written by Nosratollah Navidi.

    Asked which plays written, directed or starred by him likes more, Hanifi said that it is difficult to choose one from more than 600 plays for radio, about 50 for stage, some film script, series and 14 published plays. “However, the friends know me as an actor and writer of ‘The Scent of Joseph’s Coat’ and ‘Southern Train’, which had received the statute and prize of the Sacred Defence Book of the Year”.     

    Why have you accepted to play in ‘18’, Hanifi said it was the title of ‘18’, which made me surprised which had special meaning in the social media and society.

    Asked why the style of his acting was different of other cast members of the play, Hanifi said that the show did not have the role of father. There were chats with the writer and director and Hanifi was supposed to be with the group as advisor. “The foundation of the families are mothers and fathers although one of them is not present because of dead or divorce,” he explained. “The father is compeletly present in the play although with some dialogues, saying that the fate led his life that way.”

    Hanifi said that as a father whose beloved daughter Souri works as maid in people’s houses, he tried to get close to the character and the analysis led to him to that method of acting.    

    “Among all poems of my addicted son (in the play), my philosophy is “Was it what’s supposed to be life?”. That means when I do not exist, I exist and know that life is nothing.”

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