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  • Ram Gopal Bajaj’s World Theatre Day Message:

    Theatre Content in Crisis

    Ram Gopal Bajaj, theatre director, theatre and film actor, academician, former director of the National School of Drama, Delhi, India, wrote the World Theatre Day Message 2018 from Asia Pacific region.

    His message read; “After all the evolutionary stories, we only know one thing in brief; that all life forms tend to survive till eternity. If feasible life tends to pervade beyond time and space to become immortal.

    In this process, the life form also mutilates and destroys itself universally. However, we need to limit the deliberation to the survival of humanity and its emancipation from the hunter cave man of the Stone Age to our Space Age. Are we now more considerate? Sensitive? Joyous? More loving toward the nature that we are a product of?

    Since our beginnings, the live performative arts (Dance, Music, Acting/Drama) now also have the developed instrument of the lingua, consisting of vowels and consonants. The Vowel basically expresses the feelings or emotions, and the consonant does the communication of form and thought/knowledge. Mathematics, Geometry, Armaments and now Computer have been its result. So now we cannot go back from this evolution of lingua.

    The very earth itself will not survive if the collective joy of live theatre arts and knowledge (including technology) is not emancipated, re-sublimated from the mundane, the fury, the greed and the evil. 

    Mass Media and our science and technology have made us powerful like demons. Thus, the form of theatre is not the crisis today, but it is the crisis of content, of statement and concern.

    We need to appeal to the man of today’s earth, to save the very planet earth and therefore ‘theatre’. At a pragmatic level the arts of the actor and the arts of live performance need to be made available to children in primary education. Such a generation will, I believe, be more sensitive to the righteousness of life and nature. The advantage of lingua thus may be much less harmful to mother earth and other planets. Moreover, ‘theatre’ will become more important for to the retention and sustenance of life itself; it therefore needs to empower the live performer and the spectator without threatening each other in this cosmic era of togetherness.

    I hail theatre and appeal to the world to implement and facilitate this at grass root level, rural and urban all. ‘Limbs, Lingua and Compassion together in Education for the Generations’.”

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