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    Tajbakhsh Fanaeiyan Dedicates 'Hamlet and Don Quixote' to Hossein Moheb Ahari

    'Hamlet and Don Quixote', which is being performed at the City Theater Complex, was dedicated to noted theater actor Hossein Moheb Ahari on Friday by its director Tajbakhsh Fanaeiyan and his group.

    'Hamlet and Don Quixote' opened on February 27 at the City Theater Complex, Iran Theater reported.

    Kazem Baluchi, one of the cast members of the show, said after the performance on Friday, that Hossein Moheb Ahari was planned to be one of the main character of the piece but he could not cooperate.

    Then the group dedicated the performance to the renowned Iranian actor of theater, television and cinema.   

    Amir Karbalaeizadeh, another actor of the show, said that Hossein Moheb Ahari was fighting a difficult disease for years but he continued his career with determination and perseverance.

    Manijeh Mohamedi, theater director and translator, Behrouz Afkhami, cinema director, Marjan Shrimohammadi watched the show on Friday as guests.   

    The 90-minute performance will have performance until March 16.  

    Siamak Safari, Kazem Balouchi, Jamshid Jahanzadeh, Behnam Tashakkor, Amir Karbalaeizadeh, Kourosh Soleimani, Shiva Khosrowmehr, Behnaz Nazi, Vahid Nafar, Bahram Behbahani, Amir Hossein Sardadian, Majid Akbari, Vahid Reza Khanlou, Hojjat Hosseini, Golnaz Mozaffaru, Saman Hajimohammadi, Amir Hossein Dianati, Bita Nejati, Aida Kavini, Mahsa Latif, Boshra Khademlou, Ghazal Rahavard, Kofrshad Faal, Ahmad Baharvand, Behdad Khaksari, Roham Golrokhian, Amir Sajjad Salmani and Mahbod Daniazar star in 'Hamlet and Don Quixote'.

    Saeed Zehni and Khosrow Khorshidi are the composer and Fanaeiyan the set designer of 'Hamlet and Don Quixote'. Hojjat Seyed Alikhani is the producer of the play.

    Zorayr Khalapyan, Armenian writer, novelist, dramaturgist, has written 'Hamlet and Don Quixote' and is translated in Farsi by Andranik Khachoumian.

    Tajbakhsh Fanaeiyan has adapted the play for staging it in Tehran. The synopsis of the play reads, "Hamlet is getting crazy of fear and sadness. He has found another crazy price who is accompanied with his mad servant. One of them seeking victims to support him. Another one is expecting his lord to conquer an island or a country and hand over it to him. Nothing is serious.     

    Other members of the group are assistant director and planner Hossein Fanaeiyan, set designer Manouchehr Shoja', costume designer Monireh Maleki, composer Saeed Zehni, lyrics Sepideh Zehni, choreographer Mansoureh Alimadadi, makeup designer Maria Hajiha, poster, brochure and advertisement designer Mahdi Davei, photographer Siamak Zomorrodi Motlagh, media advisor Maryam Naraghi, online advertisement Amir Ghalichi, production assistant Mojgan Ghorbani, set director Hamid Reza Safavi Borna, production director Hadi Baadpa.

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