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  • Message of Jamshid Mashayekhi on National Theatre Day

    Our Role Reflects Our Identity

    Renowned theatre, television and cinema actor Jamshid Mashayekhi wrote a message on the National Theatre Day on March 27.


    I have been asked to write some paragraphs on the theatre day, for those that every cell of my body is alive because of their love, those who let them into their lives and experience overt and covert aspects of the mankind by watching tens and tens of characters who were born of imagination of writers, directors and I as an actor. I had always been absent during those moments.

    Yes, my only art as an actor has always been not to be present on the stage and transform into another human, every time in a new shape, new belief and new status.

    Yes, this is the life all the actors to take form in a new shape to be able to live ups and downs of sadness, happiness and wishes of the man who is poignant in the pages of life or make laugh by picturing human errors.

    I said that I had always been absent. It might have been a magic that each acting can set an alarm bell for every corner of the human life to make them come to the world of light from the cloudy dark world and see themselves in the mirror of the stage.

    We may be the puppets and the destiny makes us to play our roles here and there as puppets to transform into thousands body and nobody.  

    What is written on memoirs of every performer is his/her identity with colorful seals. Every color indicates each character who we love or not love. The character who is loved soften our soul and the one who is not loved by us is a mephisto who has occupied our mind to be a warning for the path we chose in our life.      

    Thanks to dynamic youngsters and true artists, the art of theatre has risen again today and is sowing the seeds planted by the previous generation as it is complying the national culture and employ artist techniques.

    I wish the lights of theatre of this land be turned on forever and the children of this land will remain successful in the scientific, cultural and artistic fields. Art is our identity and our role is to reflect our identity in today's world.  

    Jamshid Mashayekhi  

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