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  • Maryam Kazemi to Iran Theater:

    Families’ Cultural Basket Changes During New Year Holiday

    Iran Theater: Maryam Kazemi believes a family usually go and see a play considering certain matters, especially its cultural and financial conditions but these conditions and motivations can change during the New Year Holiday.

    Kazemi’s ‘Big Kind Giant’ will be performed during the Iran’s New Year holidays, which starts on March 21. The sale of tickets has already begun.

    Kazemi told Iran Theater that going to theatre like cinema can be one of entertainment of families during the holidays.  

    She complained that administrative and bureaucratic bodies are not ready to help the theatrical groups for performances and many of them are in a lethargic state prior to the holidays.

    Kazemi said that although New Year is a time for celebration and joy, it was not needed all the shows being performed during the holidays have festive mood. Every audience can choose plays based on his taste but the box office sales are also important for the groups too, she added.

    She explained that cultural and financial conditions of families usually change during the holidays and some of them do things that usually do not do. But the families who see a theatre really good show during the holidays that may encourage them to watch plays throughout the year.

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