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    'Requiem for a Girl' at Paliz Theater Complex

    'Requiem for a Girl', directed by Maziar Dowlatshahi, will open at 2nd hall of the Paliz Theater Complex on April 4.

    'Requiem for a Girl' was based on the 1990 play 'The Death and Maiden' by Chilean playwright Ariel Dorfman.

    The play is the story of Paulina Escobar, a housewife married to a prominent lawyer in an unnamed South American country. One day a storm forces her husband Gerardo to ride home with a charming stranger. She is convinced that the stranger, Dr. Miranda, was part of the old regime and that he tortuned and raped her for weeks while she was blindfolded.

    Diana Fathi and Rouzbeh Hesari play in the show. Noreddin Haydari Maher is the producer.

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