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  • An Exclusive Interview With Asghar Noori

    Deconstruction of Shakespeare's Works

    Asghar Noori believes that the importance of old playwright can always grab the attention.


    Iran Theater-Kiarash Vafai: Asghar Noori believes that the importance of old playwright can always grab the attention. Considering the current circumstance, The audience would watch them and pay attention to new form.  He has completed his BA in French language and his master’s degree in drama. He is also a well-known translator. Asghar Noori has translated some of world famous author like Agota Kristof, Joel Egloff, Patrick Modiano. He Has directed  many play  such as Boatman, Game,  The Hunt, Macbeth by Construction Worker, Storm, Edward's King Lear, Richard III, and Two Shakespeare's Stories.

    He tells about why he wrote two works of Shakespeare in an Iranian manner: I was interested in Iranian theater during my student days, but since I did not know about the Iranian theater, I did research on the history of theater in Iran. I also liked Shakespeare's works. At first I worked on Othello's play. The idea was to tell the story from a Minor but influential character‘s point of view. At that time, working with two of my classmates on the project, we established “88” as a theater group. We performed "Othello by Yago" at Tajrobeh Theater festival. So I continued my idea. Then I directed "Hamlet by Horatio" at the Student Festival. The play was performed at the Shakespeare Festival in France and was highly appreciated. So I was encouraged to work harder on Shakespeare’s other play.  Then we made a European tour. I’ve seen six of Shakespeare's plays as an executive research project. We use Shakespeare's narrative and Iranian Theater techniques such as Naqqali(a form of narration) in The Two Shakespeare's Stories. I, in fact, use the Naqqali.for my own way of directing to find the form that I want.

    Asghar Noori  believes that performance of two tragedies such as  Hamlet and Othello with the narrative form of Iranian  techniques, as Naqqali  , is influenced by deconstruction and a new approach to dramatic works.




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