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  • With illegal hunting theme

    The Forester to Broadcast on Radio Namayesh

    A new radio series The Forester will be broadcast on Radio Namayesh.

    A new radio series " The Forester " will be  broadcast on  Radio Namayesh.

    This series is written by Bahram Akbari and directed by Javad Pesheghar.

    The story is about an illegal hunter who argued with a forester, and suddenly the father of his wife, who is the head of the foresters, is being shot and dead .The Illegal Hunter  escapes and  ...

    In this show,  The artist   acted  such as Mirtaher Mazlumi, Mojtaba Tabatabai,Minoo Jabarzadeh,ShahinDokht Najafzadeh,Bahram Sarvarinezhad and Bahram Ebrahimi. The producer is

    Ashraf Sadat Ashrafnejad and the narrator is Ahmad Ghanji. ThisForester is heard every day from 13:30 P.M  at the radio Namayesh.

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