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  • With the Global Peace Approach

    Alef International Theater Festival will be held in Tabriz

    Iran Theater- Alef International Theater Festival will be held in Tabriz city on November


    Iran Theater- Alef International Theater Festival "A" will be held in Tabriz  with the Global Peace Approach. The festival is being held by the private sector in Tabriz to introduce Iran as a symbol of peace through performing arts.

    The first meeting of the policy council of this festival was held on Saturday, August 4, with the presence of theatrical directors and officials of the East Azarbaijan province in Tabriz. In this meeting, the director of the Alef  International Institute, Houman Beygh Nezhad, said: "Usually  rate  A is given to groups with a superior artistic level and we hope that with the support of provincial and state officials, the Institute will be able to host the Peace theater festival At A level successfully.

    He added: "By placing the" Alef "International Theater Festival in the 2018 tourism program, we will try to use the potential of attracting cultural tourists who have become so much indifferent in Iran.

     Nader Borhani Marand, the festival director ,also pointed out that the more atmospher  and cultural capacities of the country are to develop in the interest of sustainable development,  he said: Tabriz itself is to own a cultural brand in the field of performing arts. Alef International theater festival, sponsored by the private sector and the authorities, can fulfill this cultural dream. Alef  International Theater Festival, which has a Global Peace Approach, will be held in two  Section : stage theater and playwriting competitions. There are also awards for each of the 2 sections.I Hope we will welcome by  our artists. Workshops, International Peace plays, photo exhibitions, visual art exhibitions, etc. will be among our other programs.


    Shahram Karami, The General Director of Performing Arts Center said : We are pleased with the fact that cultural issues are one of the concerns of the officials of Tabriz city and the private sector has also been able to participate in the production and implementation of cultural and artistic events, which is very pleasing.

    Then officials of  Tabriz spoke in the meeting. In the next few days The call for this festival will be released.


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