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  • Fall of Garden of Wishes

    Memorial Service for Parviz Bashardoust in Sangelaj Theater Complex

    A memorial service to pay tribute to late playwright Parviz Bashardoust titled The Fall of the Garden of Wishes will be held on April 29 in Sangelaj Theater Complex of Tehran.

    The day is the 40th day of the death of noted artist, irantheater.ir reported.  

    "The Fall of the Garden of Wishes" is the title of the ceremony, paying tribute to late Mr Bashardoust. The event is organized by the Tehran Society of Performing Arts, Tehran Culture and Islamic Guidance Department, Dramatic Arts Center and Iran Theater Forum.

    An exhibition of photos taken and posters designed by the late playwright and director will be held. Also, a group of his friends and colleagues will deliver speeches on him and his works.

    The ceremony will also pay tribute to families of those artists who passed away in the last Iranian year, which was ended on March 20.

    Born in 1950 in Tabriz, Parviz Bashardoust started his career by writing plays. "The Garden of Wishes" and "Amou Zanjrbaf (Uncle Chain-Weaver)" had been his first plays written in 1970s. In 1974, Mr Bashardoust's "The Garden of Wishes" was directed by Mohammad Saleh-Ala. Mr Bashardoust acted in the play. He founded Ajideh Theatre Troupe in 1975 and began teaching theater. "Amou Zanjrbaf" was the first play performed by the group in Iran-US Cultural Society.

    In 1976, he was invited by noted actor Ali Nasirian to Theater Office and wrote "Heart Attack", which was performed in Theater House for six months.

    His other works include Explosion, Cashier, Mashallah Khan Myth and Daily News. His cinema debut was in 1993 in "All My Daughters", which was directed by Esmail Soltanian. His last presence on stage was in 1987 when he rewrote "The Garden of Wishes".

    Mr Bashardoust lived in Shahriar, a small town near the capital Tehran, during his last years where he launched educational workshops to train young talents.

    Mr Bashardoust died on March 19 and was buried on March 22.

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