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  • In Iranshahr Theater Complex

    Jamshid Mashayekhi to Open “Pallet”

    “Pallet”, which is directed by Mohammad Hatami, will open by veteran theater and cinema actor Jamshid Mashayekhi in Iranshahr Theater Complex.

    “Pallet” will have its first performance on Sunday at 21:15 in Nazerzadeh Kermani Hall of Iranshahr Theater Complex. Jamshid Mashayeghi will inaugurate the performance with his presence, Iran Theater reported.  

    Mohammad Hatami said about the play as a combination of all human concerns and theatrical contents; human and its confusions, human and what worries him, human and self in a world full of crisis and distress.

    The cast and crew members include Sousan Parvar, Yazdan Jebriayee, Mehran Ranjbar, Behnam Sharafi, Samira Karimi, Mohammad Naderi and Mohammad Hatami. Mohammad Hatami has written and will be directing the play. Amir Hosseinpour Azimi is the producer, Iman Yazdi production director, Diaco Khaki assistant director and planner, Rouzbeh Hosseini dramaturge, Mohammad Hatami set and lighting designer, Helia Shokri costume designer, Fahimeh Hosseini poster and brochure designer, Ali Shayanfar photographer, set construction Farzaneh Mirzababei, costume designer assistants Sara Ahmadi and Yasaman Lotfi, video and trailer director Nima Ghapanpouri, production assistant Shamis Pourshah Rezaei, set director Mehran Anami, online advertisement Amir Ghalichi and media affairs Alireza Saeedi.

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