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  • Farhad Mohandespour at Press Conference of 36th Fadjr International Theater Festival:

    Balance Cannot Be Reached through Big Jump

    Farhad Mohandespour, secretary of the 36th Fadjr International Theater Festival, said at the press conference of the festival on Saturday that he would try to improve the quality of the event to the international standard.

    He added that the plays would no longer be chosen based on their videos, promising that the views of the artists would be sought for final choice, Iran Theater reported.

    The press conference was attended by Mr Mohandespour, Kayvan Nakhaei, public relations offices of the festival as well as members of the media. Mohammad Jafarian was the moderator of the conference.

    Mr Mohandespour vowed that he would make everything transparent as he did in every capacity he had been in the past, saying that the measure would probably create some inconsistency, questions and issues, which should be removed at any price.  

    The secretary said that he had been thinking what the importance of the festival could be? Why it should be held?

    "It seems we have been a nation whose lives are full of meaningless rituals and Fadjr festival could be one of them," he explained, adding that was why the necessity of festival must be reviewed again.

    All living institutes of the society such as religion, economy, social behaviors, politics and etc were changing so theater must change too, he stressed.

    Mr Mohandespour said that no proper criteria existed to evaluate theater in the country.

    "In 2004, 2005, Fadjr Theater Festival used to admit plays, which would have been performed throughout the year. But it is contrary now. The participating plays are those, which have been performed over the past year," Mr Mohandespour reminded.  

    "We used to be on one side and now we are on the other side. It seems we should reach somewhere between the two lines. We cannot make a big jump to reach balance. It is impossible over a night and needs to be done gradually," the secretary said.

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