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  • Ali Moradkhani, Deputy Culture Minister, in “Future of Theater in Provinces” Meeting:

    Theater Can Inject Wisdom into Society

    Ali Moradkhani, deputy culture minister for artistic affairs, described social role of theater as one of the responsibilities of the art towards its society, stressing that it could inject wisdom and enlightenment into the society.

    Speaking at the first day of the meeting of “Future of Theater in Provinces” in Baba Taher Hotel of Tehran on Sunday, Mr Moradkhani said that local associations of performing arts should play the role of supporters and guides of private theater owners in the country, Iran Theater reported.

    The official said that the budget allocated to theater increased in the current Iranian year (started on March 21, 2017), explaining that managing the budget and where it should be allocated had been of important issues facing the state sector.

    He added that the future would belong to those who know how to create more cultural space by spending the least expenses and said that the best approach would be allocating state budget on improving the infrastructure of theater.

    Mr Moradkhani said that theater had been an influential media in increasing the social awareness so that giving a priority to solving its problems.  

    Theater has many capacities including injecting enlightenment and wisdom into the society, the deputy minister said.

    Referring to rise in private theater venues in recent years, Mr Morakhani said supporting them had been a new challenge facing state management.

    “It is better the government plays the role of a guide in this case and hands over the affairs to the public,” he stressed. “Associations of performing arts must also stay away of intervening in their affairs and remain their supporter.”

    A specialized meeting on “Future of Theater in Provinces” opened at Sangelaj Theater of Tehran with the participation of minister of culture and Islamic guidance, Seyyed Reza Salehi Amiri, deputy culture minister for artistic affairs, Ali Moradkhani, and director general of Dramatic Arts Center, Mahdi Shafiee over the weekend.

    The meeting, which is aimed at creating models, sharing opportunities and improving theater management across the country, closes today in Baba Taher Hotel of the capital.

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