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  • Director General of Dramatic Arts Center on Eve of Journalist Day

    Journalists Made Solidarity & Compassion of Theater Alive

    Director general of the Dramatic Arts Center said on the eve of the Journalist Day that wise journalists had made the elixir of compassion and solidarity of theater alive.

    Mahdi Shafiee, director general of Dramatic Arts Center, wrote a notebook on the occasion of the national journalist day on August 8, saying that journalists and artists had helped theater to remain for the people.

    The fluency of today's theater is result of compassion and solidarity of wise journalists who have written about successes and shortages of the stage. Theater has remained alive thanks to this elixir. It has been a long time that theater has been heard and seen thanks to this consistency. This story is the reward of art and artists who have humbly remained the medium of people.   

    I congratulate the respected day of journalist –the messengers of stage-- pinning hope on miracle of this solidarity and unity. The ideal of theater is peace in the world, hoping that the flag of this sacred ideal will remain hoisted thanks to spreading of the news and comments on theater. I hope the media people remain more successful than ever and the art remains more proud than ever.

    Mahdi Shafiee

    Director General of Dramatic Arts Center

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