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  • 21 Final Lineups Released

    Review of Ideas & Plots of Kids Section of International Children and Youth Theater Festival Over

    Review of ideas and plots for kids section of 24th International Children and Youth Theater Festival was over. 21 plots qualified for the next step.

    Mansour Khalaj, Ali-Akbar Qazinezam and Fatemeh Abrar-Paydar review plots and ideas submitted for the section, Iran Theater reported.

    21 finalists are;

    "Strange Wish", written by Manouchehr Akbarlou, directed by Maryam Dindar from Zarand

    "My Wish, the Little Man", written and directed by Hossein Cheraghi from Hamedan

    "Alas", written by Hossein Fadaei-Hossein, directed by Farzad Lebasi from Hamedan

    "Clouds Will Come to Earth", written and directed by Milad Ahmadlou Dehnavi from Tehran

    "Father Wood", written and directed by Majid Kimiaeipour from Isfahan

    "Ducks Road", written and directed by Farhad Esmaili from Tehran

    "Ugly Duckling Is Not Alone", written and directed by Sajjad Bahremand from Tehran

    "Selfish Rabbit", written and directed by Neda Abrar-Paydar from Hamedan

    "Rabbit & Turtle", written by Manouchehr Akbarlou, directed by Saeed Sadeghi from Tehran

    "My Handkerchief Is Lost Under the Cherry Tree", written and directed by Hamed Torabi from Hamedan

    "The Secret of Rose", written by Alireza Nasehi, directed by Mehri Nouri from Tehran

    "Where Is My Dream?", written and directed by Maryam Elhamian, Niaz Esmailpour and Nazanin Esmailpour from Tehran

    "Magic Needle", written by Abbas Farrtousi, directed by Nasim Yaghouti from Tehran

    "Frederick", directed by Sharareh Tayyar from Pardis

    "The Scissors Looking for Job", written by Mohammad Hossein Naserbakht, directed by Saeed Zeinolabedini from Tehran

    "The Rolling Pumpkin", written by Houman Rouhtafi, directed by Benyamin Isari from Kermanshah

    "Who's the Strongest?", written and directed by Somayeh Monajem from Lahijan

    "Literate Mobarak", written and directed by Faramarz Ghomalian from Abadan

    "Saving Mother," directed by Mahnaz Aqaei from Reza Shahr, Razavi Khorasan province

    "The Bear Gift", written and directed by Ramin Kohan from Tehran

    Hamedan will host 24th International Children and Youth Theater Festival in November. Maryam Kazemi is the secretary of the festival.

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