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  • 24th Festival

    31 Plots in Street Theater Competition of Children and Youth Theater Festival

    24th Children and Youth Theater Festival has admitted 31 plots in street theater competition.

    The selection board of the competition including Manouchehr Akbarlou, Nima Biglarian and Saman Khalilian has chosen the following plots, Iran Theater reported.

    "Soheili Doll", written and directed by Mohammad Mozafari from Bushehr

     "Wish Tree", written by Mohammad Ali Hajian, co-directed by Mohammad Ali Hajian and Mohammad Reza Agah from Songhor

    "Game and Children", written by Mohammad Reza Jafari Lafout, directed by Maryam Mehdipour Pirbasti from Kiashahr

    "Mobarak's Adventurous Dream", written by Raha Eskandari, directed by Raha Eskandari, Farshid Talebi from Hamedan

    "Fetalemous Planet", written and directed by Behdad Balighfar from Tehran

    "Snowy Station", written and directed by Shaghayegh Hashemipour Asil from Tehran

    "New Start or All Months of the Year", written by Behdad Balighfar, directed by Dariush Rezaei from Tehran

    "Congrats! Congrats!", written by Reza Bayat, directed by Ahmad Jalilvand from Hamedan

    "Majlise Naghle Ertebatat", written and directed by Alireza Nasehi from Tehran

    "Green and Green", written and directed by Mehdi Salehyar from Tabriz

    "Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way", written by Ahmad Biglarian, directed by Nesa Bakhshi from Hamedan

    "Hostage taking", written and directed by Saeed Kheirollahi from Dehloran

    "First Door of Choice", written by Farhad Abbasu, directed by Seyyed Omid Hossein Fatemi from Hamedan

    "Rabbit and Turtle", written by Manouchehr Akbarlou, directed by Saeed Sadeghi from Tehran

    "Ticktack Story", written and directed by Rayhaneh Ranjbar from Tehran

    "We Are All Good", written and directed by Mohammad Reza Irandoust from Songhor

    "Kindness Pottage" based on "Stone Pottage", directed by Zahra Moridi from Tehran

    "Little City's Giant", written and directed by Mohammad Faraji from Tehran

    "Prince of Fish", written by Dr Abdoreza Mohammadinejad, directed by Masiha Mohammadinejad in collaboration with Dr Abdoreza Mohammadinejad from Gonaveh Port

    "Delicious Taste of Sting", written by Mohammad Faraji, directed by Mohammad Faraji, Masoumeh Rezaeirad from Tehran

    "Cloud, Fog and Sun", written by Mohammad Faraji, directed by Atena Rezaeirad from Hamedan

    "Gunman", written and directed by Saivosh Toudefallah from Nazarabad

    "Weird Life of Messrs. P and Pooh", written and directed by Pedram Masoumi from Qaen

    "Congrats", written and directed by Habibolah Naseri from Minab

    "Scarecrow", written and directed by Mahsa Aftakhi from Tafresh

    "Listening an Interesting Story", written and directed by Mohammad Mohseni from Aligoudarz

    "These 4 People", written and directed by Mohsen Esmaili from Aligoudarz

    "A Simple Party", written and directed by Mehdi Habibi from Shahre Ray

    "The Fantastic Journey of This Little Man", written and directed Narges Khakkar from Shahre Ray

    "Dream of a Childhood Story", written and directed by Amir Hossein Shafiee from Tehran

    "The Florist", written by Hossein Fadaeihossein, directed by Hadi Shams from Hamedan

    The deadline for submission of CDs is September 23.

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