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  • Director General of Dramatic Arts Center at Closing Ceremony of 18th Ritual/Traditional Theater Festival

    Tehran Needs a Tekyeh for Persian Theater

    Director General of Dramatic Arts Center said that RitualTraditional Theater Festival was the most diverse among country's performing arts event.

    Mahdi Shafiee said at the closing ceremony of the 18th Ritual/Traditional Theater Festival on Wednesday that this showed how diverse was Iran's rituals and traditions, Iran Theater reported.  

    Referring that this cultural diversity was a special opportunity in a world, which endeavors to unify everything day by day, he added that taking advantage of these rituals, traditions and plays which are rooted in them was not a choice but a chance. He invited all governmental and non-governmental organizations to help develop ritual and traditional theater.  

    Stressing the importance of the new generation, the official expressed satisfaction that Iranian children and adolescents had a section in the festival with an aim to promote the ritual theater among them.

    The section, Mr Shafiee said, was the place to identify young talents, expressing gratitude to families who directed their children to the field.

    The official hoped that such activities would finally help strengthening the identity of the country by the next generations in a modern world through a modern language.

    Reminding that tourism had grown in recent years, Mr Shafiee singled out it as a rare chance for artists and those involved in the field to present their artworks.

    Stressing the importance of registration of Ta'zieh, naghali and Pardeh Khani as the world heritage, the official said that Tehran needed a noble Tekyeh (royal Persian theater) as well as buildings with Islamic/Iranian architecture for ritual and traditional performances.

    He hoped that mayor of Tehran and members of the City Theater Council to open such places soon.

    18th Ritual/Traditional Theater Festival closed on Wednesday evening.

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