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  • Director General of Dramatic Arts Center:

    Marivan Street Theater Festival, Medium of Wise People of This Land

    Mahdi Shafiee, director general of Dramatic Arts Center, sent a message to the 12th Marivan Street Theater Festival, Iran Theater reported.

    Theater is born timeless and placeless. This distinction of theater makes it possible to connect to its audience directly. "Street theater" chooses its audience and decides where and how its spectators see and re-see this intellectual joy and environmental happiness. Advantages of street theater are its easy communications with the audience, access to common understanding, criticism and questionability, attention to social rights and responsibilities, which plays role in changing an idea to a conflict. Marivan, the honorable ancient land, is proud to hoist the flag of theater festival. This flag is as joyful as we see no violence and rage outside our borders could cast its shadow over the peace and security of this land. Marivan is the symbol of philanthropy and peacemaking. Marivan street theater festival is the medium of the noble and wise people of this geography.

    I express gratitude to participating artists, groups, noble people of Marivan, my respected colleagues in the executive headquarters, Kurdistan Culture and Islamic Guidance Department, directors and officials of Marivan, Kurdistan Association of Performing Arts and its Marivan branch, academicians, the members of jury, respected media people. I wish all streets of this land would be a path to redemption due to the elixir of theater.

    Mahdi Shafiee

    Director General of Dramatic Arts Center

    The western city of Marivan will host the festival on September 8-13. Fateh Badparva is the secretary.

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