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  • Message of Culture Minister to Marivan Street Theater Festival

    Festival Will Be Honorable Flag of Peace & Friendship

    Seyyed Abbas Salehi, minister of culture and Islamic guidance, sent a message to Marivan Street Theater Festival describing it as an honorable flag transferring peace and friendship, Iran Theater reported.

    Theater is manifestation of an artistic wisdom, which has a lively friendship with the people of its age. It is an art, which searches why and how of the life in its ups and downs. In its closest distance, it has admired truths and condemned evils. The honorable art has been looking for its audience knowingly and has presented itself in any influential form and type in its constant efforts. Street theater is originated from this praising perseverance. Such theater is listening and seeing the pains and treatments of the people, who talks after companionship with silence. This theater with its characteristics can be a mirror of peace in our land and any corner of the Islamic Iran geography can smell the scent of spirituality, happiness and freedom by this theater.  

    Brave and noble people of Marivan, who are known for their audacity and love for their country, will echo their name to their farthest lands thanks to blessing of theater. The proper organization of this event in mountainous Kurdistan can be an honorable flag of peace and friendship.

    Seyyed Abbas Salehi

    Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance

    The western city of Marivan will host the festival on September 8-13. Fateh Badparva is the secretary.

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