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  • Fateh Badparva & Foreign Directors Meet at Marivan Street Theater Festival

    Foreign Troupes Artistic Ambassadors of Festival

    Fateh Badparva, secretary of 12th Marivan International Street Theater Festival, said that the festival would expect foreign troupes to be its goodwill ambassadors in return to their homes if they were satisfied with the event and the city, which had been seeking peace and culture for years.

    A joint meeting of foreign directors taking part at the 12th Marivan International Street Theater Festival and festival’s secretary, Fateh Badparva, was held at Marivan Culture and Islamic Guidance Department on Monday evening. Directors from Brazil, France, Ukraine, Iraq, Azerbaijan Republic and Spain as well as Saman Khalilian, head of Street Theater Office of the Dramatic Arts Center, and Qotbeddin Sadeghi, renowned director and a member of the jury of the festival, took part at the gathering, Iran Theater reported.

    Badparva added that dialogue among cultures could help solve chaos of the world, hoping that foreign artists could help Marivan festival to be introduced to the world as an important event.  

    Qotbeddin Sadeghi, the noted director and a member of the jury of the festival, remined the history of street theater, which dates to WWI as a medium for political protest against governments, adding that theater troupes came to streets back then to reveal truths, which was covered by dictators and capitalists.

    Mr Sadeghi said that the history had changed now and there are many other bodies that could aware the people as communist system had fallen and many other ways exist to reveal arrogant powers.

    “Now, a question can be raised what is the function of street theater? This is a question that artists should think it over,” he argued. “How could the protest function of this genre be adaptable to today’s society? What would be its future?’   

    Foreign directors continued the session with speeches later.

    12th Marivan International Street Theater Festival closes on Wednesday.

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