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An Interview with Saman Arastou, Director

'Be What You Are Not' Deals with Spread of Violence

Iran Theater: Saman Arastou, actor, director, playwright and instructor, has been active in theater more than three decades. He started professionally with 'Cell 18' in 1988 as theater director and actor. He is a member of board of directors of Shahroud Association of Performing Arts.

'Be What You Are Not' has been successful in its domestic and foreign performances. It is taking part at the 36th Fadjr International Theater Festival too.

Yes. It had 35 successful performance last year… It had been chosen by Goethe Institute as its producer to have performance in Berlin as representative of Asian theater under the title of Iranian modernity. It was performed in Paris in March 2016. It was performed on January 27 at the Try Out section of the 36th Fadjr International Theater Festival at 11 am and 15:00.    

Is 'Be What You Are Not' the story self?  

I am telling a cut of my life in the play. Of course it is a resistance performance. We are living a life full of violence and blood. I have been a victim to that violence. It had been more severe than you see in the play. Suppose some people make you to do something that you do not want to. It is bitter. Some transsexuals are forced to marry while they are men inside.

Have you made changes for the performance at the Fadjr International Theater Festival compared to the performances at Fanous Theater House?

It has been some changes. In general, it is a performance in which audience can collaborate. We extend hands towards the audience in some scenes and seek help. There will be no help and we will keep on.


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