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Concurrent with World Theater Day

Ebrahim Poshte Kouhi to Stage 'Macbeth Zaar'

Ebrahim Poshte Kouhi will direct 'Macbeth Zaar' on March 27 in Moscow, Russia concurrent with the World Theater Day.

'Macbeth Zaar' is invited by Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory under management of Solmaz Hamatzadeh, Iran Theater reported.

The show is jointly performed by Titouvak and Baran-e Zagros theater groups. Poshte Kouhi has so far staged 'Macbeth Zaar' in Tehran, Bandar Abbas and Shahre Kord as well as in countries of Germany, Russia, Armenia and India.

The play was performed during the 35th Fadjr International Theater Festival in cities of Yazd and Amol, which was welcomed by the audience warmly.

Mohammad Sayebehbani, Davoud Eslami, Behrouz Abbasi, Hossein Asili, Behnam Payeezeh, Elham Eskandari, Sara Shahi and Behrang Abbaspour star in the piece.

The play tells the story of Macbeth in Hormuz Island murderers Baba Zaar.   

Other members of the team include Asal Aminnia assistant director, M J Jaybash production assistant, Ebrahim Poshte Kouhi costume designer, Behrang Abbaspour, Emad Zarei, Morteza Oola Bandari and Amin Basareh music, Saeed Isaei photographer and Ahmad Reza Hajjarzadeh media and public relations.

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