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Majid Beshkal , Director of the Macbeth:

We all have a Macbeth inside of us

Iran Theater-William Shakespeare's Macbeth directed by Majid Beshkal, using the symbols of Bandar Abbas's native, will go on stage at the Tehran_ Mobarak 17th International Puppet Festival.

Iran Theater-William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" directed by Majid Beshkal, using the symbols of Bandar Abbas's native, will go on stage at the Tehran_ Mobarak  17th International Puppet  Festival.

Majid Beshkal described Macbeth as a concern for the world today, explaining: "We all have a Macbeth within us that wakes up from time to time and crimes in different ways. The world today is captured by Macbeth; captured by temptations and violence. If we look a bit around and inside, we see it, but not all Macbeth is supposed to kill the king. Sometimes we sacrifice humanity to our ambition and power.. What can save us from this Macbeth is love.”

The director continued by pointing out that part of the events and dialogues were taken from Macbeth. The other part was inserted into the events in the text of dramaturgy and design and events, according to our analysis and ideas. The central idea of the play, which has been influenced both by design and directing, is referenced as a mystical interpretation. In this kind of look, all characters are interpreted in the dimensions of the existence of a person, and collect the plurality of characters in a kind of unifying interpretation.

The director commented on his directorial style:” The story goes by MacBeth, Lady Macbeth and Witch. The actor who is on the scene is faced with these three characters.”

He explained that he   has considered indigenous symbols and signs  in production design and making dolls.

“It is a native symbol for novice analysis and ideas, and they are not at all decorative. In the show, we have dolls that do not have a human face, and in the design of their faces, they used the burqa form. Of course, in the general form of the burqa, a change has been made. Also, in the design of the mask, I used the form of native trees with a dramatic and non-dramatic emphasis.”.

"Most of the puppet work I've ever directed was for the children and teenagers. Children and dolls always made good moments.” said he.

Tehran-Mobarak 17th International Puppet Festival will be held on August 23rd to 29th, 2018.






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