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In An Interview with Iran Theater

Zohreh Behrouzi Nia: I will Direct “A woman in Berlin”

Iran Theater-Zohreh Behrouzi Nia said to Iran Theater that She will direct a loosely adaptation of Marta Hillers’s “A Woman in Berlin”

Iran Theater-Zohreh Behrouzi Nia is a well-known personality in Iranian Puppet Theater. She is stage director . Her “Halaj Said: you will see today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow” had been on stage at international festivals and appreciated.  She said about her Recent activities to Iran Theater :” I'm about to direct a drama very soon. The theme of this show is about the vulnerability and aggression committed in the war against women. The main basis of the play is the ISIL radicals and the violence against women in Iraq and Syria. latley I saw a documentary about ISIL's invasion of Afghanistan, It was about  ISIL's violence to three Afghan sisters, which was very influential. In writing, my colleague and I , approached  the novel "Woman in Berlin" by Martha Hillers. Based on the novel a movie was made (directed by Max Färberböck and starring Nina Hoss)”

She went on:” we loosely adopted the novel.in directing I pay more attention to performances and audience can make communication with the atmosphere via actor’s movements and accessoires. In other word accessoires have characters. A woman in Berlin will go on stage at Black Box hall and I think it will be a new experience in Iran.”

She said: in this play Negar Abedi as an actress, Manouchehr Shojaee as the stage designer, Reza Shabani as composer, Elnaz Tarikhi as the chorographer will cooperate.”



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