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Amar Tafti Joins "A Window to the Sky"

Iran Theater- Amar Tafti, famous actor, joins the cast of A Window to the Sky directed by Amir Dezhakam.

Iran Theater- Amar Tafti, famous actor, joins  the cast of "A Window to the Sky" directed by Amir Dezhakam.

Recently Amar Tafti, Hossein Shahbazi and Abolfazl Jamshidi added to the cast of the show.Amar Tafti will play a character that arrives from the Hell.

Amir Dezhakam, theater director is preparing a play "A Window to the Sky" that takes place in mid-autumn. Recently Shohreh Soltani and Bahram Ebrahimi, who are both renowned and longtime theater artists and have been collaborating on various projects for five years, have joined the cast.


Earlier, Amir Karbalai Zadeh was also named as the actor.This play is written by Hossein Dezhakam and has 4 main characters.

Dezhakam directed  “ Macbeth” this spring, which was previously performed at the Thirty-seventh Fadjr International Theater Festival. The play was performed on Shahrzad Theater  Complex and was a new adaptation of Shakespeare's play.

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