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The 33th Ilam Theater Fest Comes to End

Iran Theater- the 33th Ilam Theater Festival comes to the end.

.Iran Theater- the 33th Ilam Theater Festival comes to the end.

The winners announced in the closing ceremony. Saman Khalilian, Milad Nik Abadi and Vahid Rezai were the jury members of Ilam National Theater Festival.

Three Teenager performers praised at the closing ceremony:Amir Alizadeh and Parmis Soleimanpour  for the show “Berlan Alley” and Vania Shekarpour “A song For You”.

The winners are as follows:

Best Music:

Shahnaz Ainni( A Song For You)

Mohamad Qadimi and Ebrahim Ebrahimi (Australia)

Best Production Design:

Merhdad Alizadeh(Berlan Alley), special mention:Aria Shamsolahi (The fishes All sleep)

 Best Actress:

1-Hosna Qobadi (Australia)

2-Fatemeh Asadolahi (Matik, Manik)

3-Samira Ebadian and Sepideh Sahrai (Berlan Alley)

Best Actor:

1- Ali Bahadori( Matik, Manik)

2-Malek Absalan( A Song For you)

3-Amir Abbas Zadeh(Austarlia)

Best play:

1-Saeed Khairolahi (Berlan Alley)

2-Payam Larian(Australia)

3-Babak Zamani (All Fishes Sleep)

Best Director:

1- Hosna Qobadi and Afsane Mohamadi (Australia)

2-Mehrdad Alizadeh(Berlan Alley)

3-Tayebe Seyed Mohamadi (All Fishes Sleep)

The show “Australia” will introduce to Secretariat of Fadjr International Theater Festival as well.







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