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A legendary story from Malaysia in "Afsoon Afsaneh”

Iran Theater- On Thursday, July 16, the legend story pukit Yang from Malaysia will be broadcast on radio show Afsoon Afsaneh.

Iran Theater- On Thursday, July 16, the legend  story  "pukit Yang" from Malaysia  will be broadcast on radio show "Afsoon Afsaneh".

Zahra Abdullahzadeh, the producer of the radio program, said: "This week, the story of" Bukit Yang " from the book" Legends of the Orient "written by Mohammad Ebadzadeh Kermani will be broadcast on the radio show the story is edited by Soheila Khodadadi for the radio show.”

The story: Years ago, in a Malaysian village, a woman named Halima lived with her young son Rashid in a river near Bukit Yang Hill. Rashid's father was dead and Halimeh was working hard to make a living to raise Rashid. Everyone in the village knew that Halimeh could not afford it, so they helped Halimeh and Rashid until Rashid grew up. One day, Rashid decided to leave the village to earn more money. His mother was very upset to hear this news and told Rashid that if you leave , you will forget me, but Rashid had made his decision.

Ayoub Agha khani directs the show and  Mahrokh Afzali present the story with Noushin Hasanzadeh, Amir Farhan Nia, Behnaz BostanDoost and  Amin Bakhtiari as performers.

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