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A Story from Turkestan is narrated on Namayesh Radio

Iran Theater- a folkloric story from Turkestan will be broadcast on the radio show “Afsoon Afsaneh” from Radio Namayesh Channel.

The legend of the "ignorant king" is based  on the book of “Turkestan legends” by Nasser Poorpirar and Barzin Azarmehr  and it has been arranged by Zinat Salehpour for radio program.

Some years ago, in the land of Turkestan in ancient Central Asia, lived a poor man who had only one thatched cottage in the world. One day, due to rain, the roof of the poor man's house collapsed. He gave the roof to be repaired, but because he was not in good financial condition, it wasn’t done. A thief was passing by. He saw that the house had been repaired. He thought that the landlord was rich. He tried to steal in the middle of the night, but fell on the poor man from the roof. The next day, the thief went to the king to complain to the poor man about his injuries ... .

Bahram Sarvari Nezhad directs the show.

 Mahrokh Afzali narrates the story and Ahmad Ganji, Ali Asghar Daryaee, Mirtaher Mazloumi, Ayub Agakhani, Amir Zande Delan will star in the show.



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