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Directed by Ayoub Aghakhani

" Suspended Helicopters of Blood Day " to be on air

Iran Theater- The six-part series Suspended Helicopters of Blood about Operation Mersad, directed by Ayoub Agakhani, will be broadcast on Radio Tehran and Namayesh Radio From Sunday, July 25.

" Suspended Helicopters of Blood " was commissioned by Radio Tehran at the General Directorate of Radio Performing Arts Center and tells the story of the activities of the hypocrites at the end of the Iran-Iraq war, which led to Operation Mersad.

Producer Farshad Azarnia said about this work: "It was difficult to prepare this work because the story was constantly  moved between the past and the future, but I think this creates a special attraction for the listener."

The producer continued: In this play, Fereydoun Mehrabi  plays the role of a journalist named Milad, whose story is narrated, this greatly helps the listener to  find  the twist of the story so as they don’t lose the path of story.”

A six-part series , " Suspended Helicopters  of Blood Day " is written by Ali Mast Ali, directed by Ayoub Aghakhani, produced by Farshad Azarnia, effected by Nazanin Hassanpour and recorded by Majid Ayeneh that will be broadcast on Sunday at 22:30 Radio Tehran and 1:00 AM on Radio Namayesh.

The cast include: Fereydoun Mehrabi, Kamyar Mohebbi, Mehdi Namini Moghadam, Bahram Sarvarinejad, Majid Hamzeh, Hamid Yazdani, Mehrrokh Afzali, Noureddin Javadian, Mohammad Reza Qalambar and Mohammad Reza Ali are among the actors in this radio series.

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