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The radio show "Positive dimensions" to be on air

Iran Theater- The show Positive Dimensions about harms of overweight is broadcast on two radio networks, Salamat and Namayesh Radio channel.

"The subject of this play is about the harms and negative consequences of overwight in the form of social humor." Nazanin Mahimani explained.

She added: ”The story takes place in an Iranian family, the son of family who is overweight, joins some social networks and feels that others have no problem with being overweight, but something happens in his private life that makes him make a big decision.”

She continued:” Moving away from natural life separates the audience from the show because the show can be a slice of each of our lives, so we need to bring it closer to real life.”

“The job of humor is not to force the audience to laugh, but to create the conditions for the listener to laugh spontaneously and unconsciously.”

“ Mirtaher Mazloumi plays the role of the son and Ramin Pooriman and Nahid Moslemi act as the parent.”

"Positive Dimensions" was commissioned by Radio Salamat and produced by the General Directorate of Radio Performing Arts.

This radio series, written by Yasaman Shokrgozar, produced by Jaleh Mohammad Ali and directed by Nazanin Mahimani, will be broadcast in seven episodes from Saturday, July 25, at 9:30 PM on Radio Salamat, and at 6:15 AM on Saturday, it will be broadcast on Radio Namayesh.


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