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"Hesitation" is produced in 100 episodes

Iran Theater- Radio Namayesh produced the 100-episode series Delay for broadcast on Namayesh Radio channel and other radio networks.

Javad Pishgar wrote this radio series based on Iranian instructive stories from Golestan and  Boostan by Saadi and directed it for five minutes. Farshad Azarnia produces the show.

The 100-episode series "Hesitation" will be broadcast on Radio Namayesh from Saturday, July 25, at 5:20 PM, and, it will be aired on all radio networks as well.

Saadi of Shiraz ( born 1210; died 1291 or 1292), was a major Persian poet and prose writer of the medieval period. He is recognized for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts. Saadi is widely recognized as one of the greatest poets of the classical literary tradition, earning him the nickname "Master of Speech" or simply "Master among Persian scholars. He has been quoted in the Western traditions as well.[ Bustan is considered one of the 100 greatest books of all time according to The Guardian.


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