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Qader Ashna:

What Abbas Javanmard did was beneficial for the future

Iran Theater- In a message, the Director General of Performing Arts expressed his condolences on the death of Abbas Javanmard, a veteran of theater art.

"The stage was his 'perpetual shelter', and what he did was useful and instructive for the future of theater.

In the absence of his earthly body among us, as long as the world stands, he will shine like a star in the sky of Iranian art.”

Toronto-based Iranian stage director Abbas Javanmard, the pioneer of teleplay in Iran, died of heart failure at his home in the Canadian city on Monday. He was 92.


Qader Ashna describes him :” Abbas Javanmard considered the scene to be a place that "taught him life again." A hard-working and humble artist, he was  the founder and leader of the "National Art" group and the founder of the Television Theater Organization, to whom the current stage of Iranian theater owes its growth and development.”



Abbas Javanmard was a graduate of dramatic arts from the University of Tehran and established Hanare Melli Group (National Art Group) in 1955, which gave numerous outstanding performances in the country.

Qader Ashna believed :” He was one of those who played an important role in the formation of the Sangaelaj Theater  Hall and directed  works that were all an opportunity to learn .”


AbbasJavanmard organized courses at the Iranian television organization, training many students that were employed in the teleplays he directed.


He was also the writer of several  books, including “An Introduction to Tazieh and National Play”


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Qader Ashna:

Drama therapy is the cure of the soul
Qader Ashna:

Drama therapy is the cure of the soul

Iran Theater- Qader Ashna, Director General of Performing Arts Center, wrote in a message on the occasion of International Drama Therapy Week: "Theater therapy is the medicine of the soul, and the show is the psychiatrist and the tool of this magical treatment, and this is one of the amazing wonders of the performing arts.”


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