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Ali Akbar Abdolalizadeh:

Akbar Alemi joined eternity

Iran Theater- Veteran Iranian film scholar , presenter and documentarian Akbar Alemi died of COVID-19 on Tuesday morning. He was 75.

Editor-in-chief of Iran Theater website and stage critic, Ali akbar Abdolalizadeh wrote a note about him.

He believed that Akbar Alemi, apart from mastering color, light, photography and laboratory process, made a generation of enthusiasts with the knowledge of a hard cinema expert. He learned the art of seeing well.

“His TV show the other side of the coin really opened our eyes to the magic of cinema, and in its other shows, it always taught us to watch movies and not to watch well.”


He continued: ” But this is not the whole story ; He was inspiring with his rich energy and his heart created a searching and learning behavior for this tireless teacher.

With that brilliant memory in recognizing people and events, he surprised people and reacted to any new and effective event without any formalities, prioritization, etc., and never left a request unanswered. After we met in the late 1970s, he generously advised, encouraged, and advised us to do a full and lasting job for any new media and executive responsibilities.

 When I presented the book "The Footprints of Cinema in 35 Countries of the World", he read and talked about the importance of what we had done  with a  childish joy .


When he read the book "Cinema and the Iranian World", he spoke about the importance of what happened line by line ... he praised the topics, composition, order and quality of the articles in "Animation and the World Ahead" and .. Of course, he emphasized the need to eliminate flaws and reckless problems.”


He had a wide vision, he was deep, he was loving and he helped deeply.

  See how his death by this infamous virus led to the making of another documentary: A Romantic Death.”


Alemi was born in 1945 in Ahvaz, and was a graduate of cinema from the Dramatic Art College. He continued his studies in England and got his Ph.D. in cinema.


He has written and translated many books and was active as a jury member of several Iranian and international film and animation festivals.


He was also a member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature.


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