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Koroush Soleimani:

Let's wish each other well

Iran Theater- Speaking about his latest activities in the field of theater, cinema and television, Kourosh Soleimani said in program Studio 8: Let's wish each other well and support each other.

On the occasion of Law Enforcement Week, Kourosh Soleimani starred in a TV movie called Crucifixion, and last year he starred in a series called Il Da in the first few episodes.

Currently, he has a play to work in theater, but the current situation is not good and theatrical groups have suffered from coronavirus pandemic.

he directed  a show called "White Silence” last year   about the modern human loneliness.

 Soleimani said: "That play is based on a Tom Stoppard’s A Separate Peace transmitted  . The play was about a character named John Brown, who went to the hospital to be alone.”

He believes that today, human beings are losing their personalities due to the influx of media, news and different events, and all human beings are finding the same personal characteristics and reacting to all things in the same way.



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