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Qader Ashna said

Proposal to reopen state theater halls submitted

Iran Theater- The director general of the performing arts of the Ministry of Guidance announced  that a proposal had been offered to resume the activities of the theater halls with one-third of the hall's capacity, but no response had yet been received from the ministry and the Corona headquarters.



He said that a week ago, we submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, as well as the national coronavirus campaign headquarters, to resume the activities of theater halls.


He reminded that according to the law, the activity of group 2 occupations is prohibited in the conditions of red alert : “considering that we have achieved stability in the society during these time, we also proposed to perform shows in government halls with one third of capacity. And we are waiting for the response of the Ministry and the Corona Headquarters.


Ashna noted that recent holidays have been prolonged, and that this has seriously damaged artists and activities in the field.

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Qader Ashna:

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Qader Ashna:

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